{In Loving Memory...}

I took these family pictures for Steve Cox, his sweet wife Karen and their adorable grandchildren just last fall.

As many of you know, or have seen on the news, Steve passed away on August 28th. Steve was a great guy and John really enjoyed working with him. With John's new and recently changing job responsibilities; John was able to spend a lot of time with Steve in the last little while. He will be missed deeply at the Fire Department. Steve and his wife Karen are a big part of the Fire Family. I feel honored to have been able to take pictures and capture very emotional images at Steve's Funeral Services. Steve's funeral services were an amazing tribute to the man Steve was. There were hundreds of Fireman that came from all over the State to Honor Steve.

This is a collage I put together of logos from many of the different departments that came to Honor Steve at the services.

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