{Viewmont High School Christmas Dance}

My sister asked if I could take pictures for their Christmas Dance group. I said yes, and was up for the challenge. There were 34 people in the group, and they could not meet until after 4pm {after outside lighting was gone}. This made for quite the challenge trying to think of a place that could fit all those people and would have enough indoor lighting. We came up with the SLC library and it was great. AWESOME location for a future photo shoot. It is different, modern, simple and I love all the glass that bounces pretty, natural light all over. This was the first time I had photographed a Dance group before and I {LOVED} it. So now I am offering High School Dance Pictures. I am charging $20.00 per couple {with a minimum of $100.00}. Every couple receives a CD with the edited images, to keep and cherish until you don't like your date anymore {LOL, ahhhh highschool}. Let me know if you are interested, Thanks!!!

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