When will I get my images???

When will I get my images???

That is a question I get asked after every session and one I don't blame my clients for asking.  I understand that you are excited to see the final images of your cute children.
Generally my clients are happy with my turn around time of 2 weeks, or less.  But in the back of their head they may wonder why on earth it takes 2 weeks to put the images on a CD.  The point of this post is to explain what happens after you leave your photography session.
After I take the pictures I download and save them to my computer.  I also save them to my external hard drive, for backup.  I then cull {sort through} all of the images from your session.  I toss the ones that aren't in focus, don't have eye contact or just aren't a good composition, pose or expression.   After that I am left with your images to work with.   This is the reason why I don't release all of the unedited images... you don't want to see them.  I am telling you the truth when I say, "I edit all of the images worth editing."
I then spend time hand editing each image.  Meaning every image is worked on and has an individual edit applied to it.  I don't batch process my images and apply the exact edit to every image.  Yes my work flow generally consist of the same steps for each image, but I try to make each image unique and take on its own personality.  I don't convert all of the images to black and white either.  Some images just don't look good as a black and white picture.
I spend time removing eye and nose goobers, scratches, bruises and blemishes from the face.  I remove drool and stains from clothing.  My general rule is, "If it won't be there in 2 weeks I remove it".  I want my clients to look how they look on their best day.   {No I will not make you look 15 pounds slimmer, that's your job}.
It makes me sad when I see professional pictures of an adorable little child and they have a large bruise on their forehead, or a scratch across their cheek.  Some photography studio have you come, they take your pictures and you leave with the images they just took.  Great Right? That's great if your child has perfect skin that day. 
I usually spend twice the amount of time editing the pictures as I do taking the pictures.
The point of this post is to make you aware of what happens after your pictures are taken.  It is to make you aware that not all photographers spend the time making you and your children look the best that you can look.  Be careful when choosing a photographer.  You are already paying for the session, you shouldn't have to pay for additional editing. 

This is an example of an image that is SOOC {straight out of the camera} and the final edit.  I am sure his mommy will be happy to not remember the time he fell on a cup and split open the side of his face and had some winter rash on his cheeks and chin.  

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