"No rules" photo shoot {Bountiful Utah Children's Photographer}

What is a "no rules" photo shoot you ask???  It's just that... a photo shoot, just for fun, with NO RULES.  I had this idea in my head for a while, but finally found the time and the perfect location.  So many times I end a photo shoot with my own kids feeling frustrated, exhausted and defeated.  Why?  Because my lovely children didn't perform on command.  So with this idea in my head, I vowed that this session would be different.  I laid out their clothes, but the rest was up to them.  I let the boys decide how they wanted their hair, brushed or "spiky like a dinosaur" and Taylor picked her bow.  They all decided that bare feet would be the best option and Seth wanted his pants rolled extra high ;)  I told them to gather their favorite toys and book, then we were off to have a good time.  I took a few posed pictures, but didn't worry when funny faces were made and new poses were created.  I really wanted to document how they act and what they are like right now at the great age of 5.  

We played a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose"
And their favorite board game... "The Sneaky Squirrel"

Currently their favorite books are:
The Rain Forrest Counts
Penny Loves Pink
Chicken Little

Age: 5
Loves: Horses and every song that comes on the radio.  
She loves having her pictures taken and has lost 2 teeth so far.

Age: 5
Loves: Snakes and any sort of fruit.  
He loves to read, spell and work on math. 

Age: 5
Loves: Dinosaurs!!! Not just loves them, but is OBSESSED with them.  
95% of the time he is walking around the house, with 2 claws, pretending to be a T-Rex.  
He also loves to give morning cuddles.  

 And a few more of Tay, just because she is too dang cute!!!

I am so happy with how this photo shoot turned out.  I wasn't the crazy photographer mom and the kids had a blast.  I was able to capture them just being them!!!

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