Gwendolyn {Maryland Birth Story Photographer}

My sister lives in Maryland and it totally stinks that she is so far away.  I was lucky to be able to fly out for the birth of her last baby, little Gwen.  She had a c-section scheduled and unfortunately her Dr. wouldn't allow me to come into the operating room, but I was able to be there as soon as Gwen was taken into the nursery.  As always it is amazing to see a brand new baby, straight from Heaven.  And it's even more special when the baby is my beautiful niece.  It was so wonderful to be able to spend so much time at the hospital with my sister and niece the 4 days they were there.  They weren't discharged before I had to come back home, so we had to do a little "photo session" while they were still in the hospital.  I tore the room apart and the nurses thought I was crazy, but considering the conditions, I think we got some pretty cute pictures.  

I love pictures taken on the 2nd day.  Nothing beats the classic newborn blankets and bassinet. 

Some pictures from our "newborn session"...

Going home with FIVE beautiful girls!!!

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