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 We had a wonderful summer filled with lots of swimming, boating, vacations and otter pops.  But everyone was ready and excited to go back to school this year, Mommy included.  The kids are in second grade and have an AMAZING teacher.  It's going to be a great year.  This is what the kiddos think about second grade so far... 

"I like singing time every morning and science.  My teacher is very fun and does lots of crafts.  The thing I am not excited about is the homework every night.  I like my friends because they play with me when I need them. It is fun to have an extra brother and sister because when I don't have my friends I have them.  Now that I am in 2nd grade I get to play at the BIG oak and BIG playground." -Cooper

"Second grade is fun and great and there is LOTS of math in it.  My teacher is funny and nice and happy.  My friends are funny and we like to smash acorns together. My favorite subject is P.E. right now because there are 2 really fun games we play.  I like reading the funny books at free time because she gives me books about a Pig and it's family.  I like to play with Cooper sometimes at recess.  I am excited to earn points for our 
Popcorn Party."   -Taylor

"I have so many friends and I have a crush on 2 girls named Kimber and Skyler.  I like to do science and art projects.  I like to use paper from recycling for paper projects.  I like to run around the BIG oak with my friends chasing me.  I try to beat my running time.  My teacher is great.  She is nice and crafty like me.  I like having a twin brother in my class to check on me and help me. 2nd grade is going to be great, I know it already."  -Seth

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