Back 2 School - Bountiful Utah Children's Photographer

I can't believe these cute kids of mine are in THIRD grade this year!!!  We had SO much fun together this Summer, but everyone was ready and excited to get back to school.  They have each chosen to stay together in the same class this year.  But they do have the opportunity of having 3 different teachers in third grade.  They rotate throughout the day and learn different subjects from each teacher.  So far they have been loving that special "3rd Grade Experience".  They were most excited to hear that one of their teachers will still be teaching cursive handwriting, even though it's a fading art today.  They are getting smarter and sillier every single day.  I am loving this age of having fun and also becoming more responsible.

"My favorite thing about 3rd Grade is Art.  We get to talk quietly during Art and our teacher lets us doodle.  My favorite project was my Name.  I wrote my name in a crazy way and then drew animals in my name.  Also I liked making my dream house.  I made a background and put a house in the middle out of construction paper.  My house was a dragon.  What I don't like about 3rd grade is probably nothing really.  So far there has been nothing bad."

"I LOVE the art projects that we do.  My favorite project was my dream house.  I made a waterfall and a long, tall house and you climb up a ladder in your swimsuit and then you jump onto a slide and slide into the waterfall and then you go into a pit of water.  If you want to do it again then there is another ladder that connects to the first ladder.  I love pennants and mascots with Mr. Cassler.  And I love book club, where we all take turns reading a book together." -Taylor 

"My favorite thing in 3rd Grade is Science.  I like that we are learning about the Moon, Earth and craters on the moon.  I like the videos about craters in Russia.  My favorite friend is Kimber, we like to play the annoying Pelican game together.  I don't like grammar because you just have to write and I don't like writing." -Seth

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