Hauze Kids - San Antonio Texas Children's Photographer

These cute kids of mine started 4th grade last week.  Not only was it a new school, but also in a new STATE!!!  We moved from Utah to Texas over the Summer and are experiencing a whole lot of firsts together this year.  They were feeling so nervous, excited and just about everything in between.  I am so proud of them for jumping right in with good attitudes.  We have a week down and they are already feeling comfortable and loving it.  They come home with new friends every day.  I love their positive energy and I know that will help them go far in life.   

"I love my new school because the teachers are nice and the PE room has a climbing wall.  I love ART class because there are tables to paint and draw on.  I love science because I get to wear safety goggles and do real experiments with a lab coat.  I like the bus because I can read on the bus.  So far I have a friend named Luke.  I like him because we play tag together." 
- Seth

"I love the bus ride home because I can talk with friends, or read a book and relax.  I love how I can raise my hand at lunch and the lunch room helpers will get me anything I need.  My teacher is great, she is kind and she loves Math.  I love science and there is a whole room just for Art.  I am really happy because the school is bigger than my old school."

"I love the lunch room at the new school because it is so organized and clean.  I like the music room because there is everything to make music with.  I like my science teacher because we put on goggles and lab coats.  I like my reading teacher because her room is so colorful and she always has fun activities to do.  I like my math teacher because she is my home room teacher.  I have a new best friend named Bailey, and she is so nice to me."

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