Hauze Halloween 2018 - San Antonio Texas Children's Photographer

If you have been following my photography for a minute, you will know just how much I LOVE Halloween!!!  It's not the Trick-Or-Treating, or the spooks, or pumpkin spice, or parties... it's 100% the fact that I get to dress my Triplet's up as coordinating characters.  The last few years they have joined in the fun and love to help pick out costumes and brainstorm ideas for the photo session.  It's so nice to let go of all the photography rules and just do something crazy, silly and even a bit cheesy.  I found these painted walls on a freeway underpass in a sketchy part of town.  I had John come with us and sit in the car, watching to make sure we stayed safe.  We were totally fine and even the homeless people LOVED the kids all dressed up, lol. 
Happy Halloween from Thing One, Thing Two and The Cat in The Hat!!!

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