about me

Hi, I'm Megan and I LOVE traveling, skinny jeans, painted nails, working out, Diet Coke, new shoes, summer days, chocolate and watching Fixer Upper.  But what I LOVE  more than all of that is the smell of a newborn baby, the giggle of a toddler, the imagination of a child and the comfort of a family.
I am the wife of an incredibly handsome, hardworking man who is my best friend and my biggest fan.  And I am "mom" to 3 adorable, funny and energetic Triplets.  They keep me laughing, crying and everything in between.
When my babies were 8 months old I realized just how quickly time passes and memories fade.  For that reason I bought myself a decent camera and started taking lots of pictures.  I wanted to remember and capture every adorable moment of their lives.  I LOVE being able to share that gift of preserving memories with others.  I would LOVE to meet you and would be honored to photograph your beautiful story.

{photo credit: Lori Romney Photography}

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